ALTV Pickup Simple and Double

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  • Description

    The ACMAT Light Tactical Vehicle (ALTV) is a militarized pickup. Its payload capacity of 1.4 tonne, its autonomy of 1,600 km and its robustness have convinced more than a dozen countries around the world (more than a thousand vehicles are already in service).

    The vehicle comes in several versions, Simple Cab (for 2 + 8 persons) or Double Cab (for 4 + 6 people). The ALTV is particularly suitable for patrol, liaison, personnel transport, cargo, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Its modularity and versatility have been proven in many theatres of operation.

    A version of the ALTV has also been especially developed for the Special Forces (the Torpedo version). The vehicle is also suitable for use by the internal security forces.

  • Characteristics
    GVW 3.5 t
    Max payload 1.4 t
    GCW 5.8 t
    Wheelbase 3.2 m
    Lenght/width/height 5.3 x 1.9 x 1.8 m
    Ground clearance 0.33 m (under axle)
    Max crew 2+10 (simple cab) ; 4+6 (double cab)
    Flatbed 1.9 x 1.8 m (simple cab) ; 1.6 x 1.8 m (double cab)
    Max roadspeed 160 km/h
    Max autonomy 1600 km
    Fording 0.6 m
    Vertical obstacle 0.3 m
    Trench 0.5 m
    Gradient 80%
    Side slope 100%
    Air transport A400M, C-130, CN-235